Tutorial: automating Kubernetes worker node retirement

How to automate decommissioning Kubernetes worker nodes.

Anurag’s InfoQ podcast: Automated Remediation and Day 2 Ops at AWS

Yesterday, Shoreline’s founder and CEO, Anurag Gupta, talked with Daniel Bryant on the InfoQ podcast about responding to incidents at AWS, GitOps in Day 1 vs Day 2 Operations, and what it takes to build the capability to automatically remediate issues.

Advice for someone moving from SRE to backend engineering

Advice for software engineers considering a move from SRE to Backend engineering.

Runbooks vs Playbooks: explaining the difference

Let's look at the differences between a runbook and a playbook, what each is used for, and how they can be used together.

The Guide to Automating Runbook Execution

Creating your runbooks is only the first step. Automating runbook execution based on an alarm, without human intervention, is the real goal.

Restarts and GitOps don't fix everything

GitOps, ChatOps, MLOps, BugattiOps. With the exception of the last one I just made up, every iteration of automating and streamlining operational procedures has been advertised