Shoreline can help

Our team has managed hyperscale services. We automated mitigations so we were only paged on novel issues. This allowed us to ticket on a per host basis even with millions of hosts. We believe we can help operators do the same at any scale, on any cloud environment, or across clouds and on-premises. We are creating a fluent, concise ops language that allows you to efficiently take actions across millions of resources and control plane components that manage your environments using adaptive feedback control to mitigate issues before they create widespread impact.

With Shoreline, an operator can:

  1. Notice an anomalous issue.
  2. Ask a community if they’ve seen it before.
  3. Write a script to identify all other resources with similar issues.
  4. Write a script to mitigate the issue across the fleet.
  5. Set up a bot to do this automatically in the future.

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We’re currently in stealth, but today, you can join OpsChannel, an online community of operators with online voice and text chat, and get advice immediately for free.

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Or, just email us at We’d love to share our experience and learn about what’s working well and what isn’t for you.


Control systems bridge the gap between our understanding and the reality of our systems, transparently increasing uptime and performance.


Shoreline helps to imbue ops culture in your organization including oncall, operational review, and large-scale event management.


Shoreline runs on prem and across all major cloud providers, creating a unified solution for infrastructure management.


Shoreline's control systems lead to more efficient scaling and scheduling, saving money while improving operational metrics.