Don't wake up whenever some machine goes down.

Shoreline enables operators to reduce tickets and improve availability. By an order of magnitude.

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We set out to solve this problem

Fix things once and for all

You spend your days staring at dashboards and grinding ticket queues, knowing they will just return tomorrow. Shoreline enables you to automate scanning for known issues and performing mitigations. We've seen this reduce tickets and improve availability by 10x.

Orchestrate across clouds, on premises, virtual machines, and containers

Operational complexity grows with every machine, microservice, and cloud technology you deploy. Shoreline orchestrates across clouds and on premises, providing equivalent service across all platforms. Shoreline integrates with any cli, linux command, or shell and python scripts that you already have. No expensive rewrites needed.

Rock solid foundation

You figure out what you want to get done on a single host. Shoreline handles determining how to run across your fleet, out to millions of nodes, transparently handling failures, performing retries, and minimizing resource utilization. Your entire fleet can be operated like a single host.

Our Investors

Vab Goel, NTTVC

Vab Goel is the founding partner of NTT VC. Previously, he was a partner at Norwest Venture Partners.

Paul Hsiao, Canvas Ventures

Paul Hsiao is a general partner and founding managing member of Canvas Ventures. Prior to Canvas, he served as a Partner at NEA.

Lip-Bu Tan

Lip-Bu Tan is the CEO of Cadence Design Systems, chairman and founder of Walden International, and noted angel investor.

Amarjit Gill

Amarjit Gill is a serial entrepreneur and noted angel investor.

George J. Still, Jr.

George Still is partner emeritus of Norwest Venture Partners. Previous investments include PeopleSoft and Workday.

Wilson Sonsini

Wilson Sonsini is the premier provider of legal services to technology, life sciences, and growth enterprises worldwide.